The Dodsland and District Credit Union has come a long way since Vince Zinger managed our first office in the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator. Back then, it was one-stop shopping — farmers could drop off a load of grain and then cash a cheque or negotiate a loan.

Members of the first Board of Directors included:

  • Weldon Bacon
  • Richard McBride
  • Cliff McConnell
  • Lawrence Close
  • Ross Hooper
  • William Ball
  • Allan Tuffs
  • William Rublee
  • Wilfred Neumeier
  • Joseph Greshner
  • William Joyce
  • Otto Rechenmacher

Members of the Provisional Supervisory Committee

  • Harry Bennett
  • Walter Bentley
  • T.G.H. Lewis

Members of the Provisional Credit Committee

  • Lawrence Close
  • William Rublee
  • John Mc Grath

Officially incorporated on December 4, 1961, the Dodsland and District Credit Union moved into our present location on Main Street in 1965 and hired our first full-time manager. In the new millenium, we continue to offer finanancial products and services that are vital to the growth and stability of the community.

Members of our current Board of Directors are:

  • President: Patti Turk
  • Vice President: Cory Turk
  • Scott Dipple
  • Corey Kingwell
  • Trent Herner
  • Martin McGrath
  • Mitchell Joyce
  • Jordan Halter
  • Jordan Swan
  • Wendy Smith

From our humble beginnings in the local Pool elevator, to our present location on Main Street, to our first web site on the Internet, times have certainly changed. But the Dodsland and District Credit Union’s goal of meeting the needs of our community remains the same.